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We have a series of robots named “Tracey” who are especially designed for trade shows and events. When you have Tracey at your trade show booth or event, she will:

  • Draw attention and BIG crowds to your booth or event
  • Scan badges
  • Start conversations that lead to lots of new business
  • Provide a ‘WOW’ factor to your booth or event
  • Generate tons of free PR and media attention

Demand for the the Tracey trade show robot at events is high, and we only have a limited quantity for rental.

Have a look at the pics and video below and then email or call Lauren Vetter for more information and to reserve your Tracey robot(s) today!

Mobile: 203-747-5488

Click here for more information on the features of the robot.

Draw People to Your Booth

Tracey is like a giant magnet that attracts people to your booth. She is proven to start conversations, and these conversations create leads for sales of your product or services.  (Note man in blue shirt tilting his head to see what’s going on at the booth!)

Hundreds of Pics Taken

Attendees love to have their pictures taken with Tracey! Hundreds to over a thousand pics are taken per show. Put your company logo and product pics on Tracey’s giant screen and robot base; as attendees share their pictures, they’ll be promoting your company, products and services.

Selfies Go Viral

Everyone has smart phones today. People LOVE to take selfies of themselves with Tracey to share with co-workers, business associates, friends and family.  All this sharing promotes your company, brand, product and/or services.

Faces on Robot!

A popular fun feature is that Tracey will take a picture of the attendee and then put the face onto the robot itself. Attendees take a picture of robot with their face, and then Tracey can send the pic via email, Facebook, etc., further promoting your company, brand, product and service.

Get Tons of PR!

Not only is Tracey a hit with attendees, she’ll also generate massive amounts of PR for you.  Tracey at trade shows has appeared on Fox, CNN, NBC, ABC, in Newspapers, Trade Pubs, Blogs, etc. The PR exposure for your brand should be more than enough to pay for the robot(s) rental. The San Jose airport received over $860,000 in free PR with their robots!

New Business – Big ROI!

Tracey at your booth provides a high ROI. She’ll ‘attract’ attendees. She’ll position your company, products/services as on the leading edge.  She’ll start conversations at your booth, and best of all, these conversations lead to new business, making the Tracey trade show robot a beneficial investment for your next trade show.

PowerPoint, Videos, etc.

We’ll customize the software on Tracey to feature your products and services. Tracey will interact with voice artificial intelligence and prompt the attendee to touch her big screen and launch PowerPoints, PDFs and videos that will highlight your company’s products and services.

Customized for You

We’ll customize Tracey for your booth with logos, messaging, etc. We’ll program Tracey to talk and welcome the attendee to your booth and to present to them your company’s value proposition. Tracey will be interactive with the attendee and, after the attendee views your company’s material and video(s), she can prompt the attendee to take a survey.  Tracey can take pics of top performers and put the pic on a fun leaderboard.

Dancing, Fun & Metrics

When you rent Tracey for your booth, you’ll be the talk of the show. Tracey will bring the fun, WOW factor to your booth. Tracey can play interactive games with the attendees and she even moves and dance! Plus, the Tracey captures all sorts of metrics. Number of touches, what was viewed, how long, etc. Valuable marketing data for your company.

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